Purpose & History

1) About the Logo

The logo is an image of a torch and the Korean peninsula. The torch represents dynamism, practicality, and energy, while the curved borders of the Korean peninsula represent an open mindset oriented towards the world. The logo’s purple, red-violet, and yellow gradations represent passion, youth, and change.

2) Founding Statement

Korean society today faces the historical task of realizing true democracy and the free unification of the country, and the democratization and liberation movement to achieve this task is being heatedly carried out in all levels of society. In the face of this turning point in society, the duty of Korean history scholars is now greater than ever.

Above all else, we seek a historical scholarship that is conscious of the people (minjung) as the main agent in furthering social change and progress and corresponds with the people’s will and their worldview. Furthermore, we strongly believe that we ourselves are principal actors in carrying out a movement to overcome society’s contradictions, part of which entails focusing our capabilities in joint scholarship and popularization of Korean history. Thus the Mangwon Korean History Research Room, Korean Modern History and Ancient and Medieval History Scholars have resolved to unite and newly establish the Korean History Society based on their past activities and experiences.

Uniting with fresh resolve, we will establish a scientific historical scholarship grounded in a correct world view and actively participate in our society’s true democratization and liberation through ceaseless practice.

1988. 9. 3.

The Founding Members of the Organization of Korean Historian

3) Chronology 

1988. 9. 3 Inaugural Meeting of the Organization of Korean Historian
1988. 10. 1 1st Issue of the Korean History Society Journal Published
1988. 10. 22 1st Academic Discussion Conference ‘Korean Modernity’s Revolutionary Movements and the Problems of Minjok’
1988. 11. 26 1st Research Presentation Conference ‘The Structure of Korean Agriculture in the Late Korean Empire and Early Japanese Colonial Rule’
1989. 1. 12 1st Special Lecture on Korean History ‘Prospects and Tasks on the Perception of Korean History Today’
1989. 6 Past and Present Journal Published
1996. 9 First Online Community of The Korean History Research Association Established on Nownuri, a Web Portal Service
1998. 9. 26 10th Anniversary Academic Symposium and Ceremony
1999. 5. 20 Issued Statement on ‘Against the Construction of the Park Chung Hee Presidential Library and Museum!’‘
2000. 2. 9 Awarded the 40th Baeksang Publisher Cultural Award for Best Book (Hankookilbo) for How Did Koreans Live During the Past 100 Years?’
2000. 12. 16 1st Webzine Issue Published
2004. 10. 20 ‘Statement on Debate over Bias in Korean Modern and Contemporary History Textbooks’ Issued
2006. 12. 16 Webzine Remodeled
2008. 10. 8 ‘Statement From History Scholars on Department of Education, Science, and Technology’s Revision Policies of Modern and Contemporary Korean History Textbooks’ Press Conference
2008. 11. 14 20th Anniversary Academic Symposium on “The Past and Future of ‘Scientific and Practical Historical Scholarship’ ”
2009. 11. 30 ‘The Opinion of History Scholars on the Work of Ascertaining Pro-Japanese Koreans’ Press Conference
2010. 5. 29 ‘History Education Alliance Meeting on the Concern of the Collapse of History Education’ Press Conference
2011. 1 1st Korean History Classroom for Prospective/Amateur Historians
2015. 10. 15 ‘Statement on the Korean History Society’s Position on the Government’s Issuing of History Textbooks’ Issued
2016. 6 100th Issue of Past and Present Journal Published“
2016. 7. 1 New Webzine Launched. Revised English name of the Organization of Korean Historian to Korean History Society.

4) Current State of Affairs

1. Research Seminars and Study Seminars
– Ancient History
History of International Relations in East Asia, Text Sources, History of the Three Kingdoms Period, History of Ancient Customs, Review of Ancient History Studies during Japanese Colonial Rule, Korean Ancient History Epigraphs in China, Studying Archaeological Materials, Studying Ancient History Texts
– Medieval History I Section
History of Kaekyŏng (Kaesŏng), History of China’s Foreign Relation Seminar, History of Yuan Legal Institutions, Reading Korean Temple Compendiums
– Medieval History II Section
The Great Ming Code Research, ‘Old Documents’ (Komunsŏ) Research, State and Society, Politics and Culture of the‘Public and Private’, Studying the Articles and Regulations of the Six Codes (Yukchŏnjorye), Studying 15th-16th Century Korea History , Studying 19th Century Korean History
-Modern History Section
Land Register Research, 1940s East Asia Research, Modern Urban Spatial Research
– Contemporary History Section
Contemporary Economics History Research, Contemporary Urban History Seminar, North Korean History Seminar, Readings for New Members, Contemporary Korean Military History Research
-General Section
Eco-environmental History Research

2. 2016 Korean History Society Board Members
ㆍPresident: Lee Jiwon (Modern History Section, Daelim University)
ㆍVice President: Oh Suchang (Medieval History II Section, Seoul University)
ㆍTreasurers: Jeong Yonguk (Contemporary History Section, Seoul University), Lee Gyucheol (Medieval History II Section, Myongji University)
ㆍResearch Commissioner: Song Yangseop, (Medieval History II Section, Korea University)
ㆍAncient History Section Head: An Jeongjun (Ancient History Section, Yonsei University)
ㆍMedieval History I Section Head: Bak Gwangyeon (Dongguk University)
ㆍMedieval History II Section Head: Cho Nakyeong (Seoul University)
ㆍ Modern History Section Head: Bae Seokman (Korea University)
ㆍContemporary History Section Head: Lee Seyeong (Yonsei University)
ㆍHead Editor: Lee Ikju (Medieval History I Section, University of Seoul)
ㆍWebzine Commissioner: Lee Hana (Contemporary History, Yonsei University)
ㆍExecutive-Secretary: Noh Yeonggu (Medieval History II Section, Korea National Defense University)
ㆍAdministrative Director: Kim Suhyang (Contemporary History Section, Seoul University)
ㆍEditing Assistant Administrator: Lee Seongho (Ancient History, Dongguk University)
ㆍResearch and Webzine Assistant Administrator: Seo Minsu (Ancient History, Konkuk University)

Registering as a Member

1. To register as a member of the Korean History Research Association, you must first register for the webzine. After becoming a ‘webzine member,’ you must register as a ‘Society member’ (Research Member + General Member) to subscribe to the History and Reality Journal or participate in the association’s activities. Registration is completed after inputting a banking account number and setting up automatic payment for monthly membership fees.

2. Membership Fees
① Research Members: 10,000 won a month (5,000 won a month for master’s students)
② General Members: 50,000 won a year (30,000 won a year for undergraduate students)
Registered members outside of Korea must cover overseas transfer fees
(Japan: 20,000 won / US •Europe: 40,000 won)
② Webzine members: free

3. Inquiries on Membership
Address: (121-814) Seoul, Mapo-gu, Dohwa-dong, No. 357, Hyundai 1-Cha Apt. Sangga No. 213
Phone: 02-586-4854 / Fax: 02-586-4855

KHS Members Webzine Members
Research Members General Members
Webzine Access O O O
Membership Fees O O X
Past and Present Journal Subscription O O X
Participant in KHS Activities O X X
Past and Present Paper Submissions O X X

E-mail : okh1988@koreanhistory.org

Address and Directions

(04182) Hyundai 1-Cha Apt. arcade No.213, Saechang-ro 52, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Tel (02) 586-4854
Fax (02) 586-4855
Email : okh1988@koreanhistory.org

  • Cross the boardwalk from exit 10 of Gongdeok Subway Station to board the ‘Mapo 01’ shuttle bus, and get off at the third stop, ‘Dohwa Hyundai 1-Cha Apartment Housing Complex.’The location is a seven to ten minute walk from exit 10 of Gongdeok Subway Station.